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Sonic Drinks Menu 2024

Welcome to the Sonic drink menu! Sonic Drive-In is the most demanding and popular fast food chain in the USA offering a wide variety of drinks also. The Sonic drinks menu consists of delightful shakes, slushes, lemonades, and other soft drinks. Millions across the country love this food chain due to its amazing services and tasty meals like different burgers and wraps. The Sonic drinks are full of exclusives that will make your thirst and sonic experience more special, effective, and tasteful.

The Sonic drinks menu is wonderful and famous among their loving customers for two great reasons. First, they offer a million drink combinations, and second, customers can also customize their drinks according to their tastes and requirements. The Sonic drinks menu covers everything whether you thirst for zesty, sweety, or tangy drinks.

The Sonic drinks menu has a variety of fantastic flavors of refreshing beverages to satisfy your thirst. In the Sonic drinks menu, there is always something new for everyone like unique creations & drink combinations. At Sonic, customers can enjoy sips of limelades, energy drinks, coffee, slushes, and much more on the Sonic drinks menu. 

Sonic Drinks

Start exploring the Sonic drinks menu, different varieties, and flavors of drinks with the discussion of their prices.

Sonic Drive-In offers a variety of drinks in many flavors. Most of the drinks are available from breakfast to dinner, and you can avail the opportunity of discounted prices during the happy hours. Check out below listed varieties of drinks and popular flavors mentioned on the Sonic drinks menu:


  • Banana Split
  • Reese’s Peanut and Butter Cup
  • M&M’s
  • Oreo Cookies and Cream
  • Vanilla
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Butterfinger
  • Strawberry

Click here to view Sonic Shakes Menu 2024 in detail.

Slushes in the Sonic Drinks Menu

  • Lemonade Slush
  • Cherry Slush
  • Cherry Limeade
  • Limeade Slush
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Powerade Mountain Berry Blast
  • Grape
  • Blackout Slush Float
  • Mango
  • Cranberry
  • Peach
  • Blue Coconut
  • Red Bull Summer Edition
  • Strawberry
  • Red Bull
  • Watermelon
  • Tropical Colada
  • Polynesian Punch
  • Orange Cloudsicle Slush Float

Lemonades & Limeades

  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Limeade
  • All Natural Lemonade
  • Cherry Limeade
  • Cranberry Limeade
  • Half Unsweet tea / Half Lemonade
  • Half Sweet Tea / Half Lemonade

Soft Drinks

  • Fanta Orange
  • Coca-Cola
  • Hi-C Fruit Punch
  • Diet Coke
  • Sprite Zero
  • Coke Zero
  • Barq’s Root Beer
  • Dr Pepper
  • Ocean Water
  • Diet Dr Pepper
  • Powerade Mountain Berry Blast
  • Canada Dry
  • Sprite

Sonic’s Seasonal Drink Selection

Sonic Drinks Menu also has special flavors for their loving customers that always change based on the seasons, special occasions, or popular demand. Have a look at the below listed seasonal and occasional drinks mentioned on the Sonic Drinks Menu. 

  • Sonic Shark Week Slush
  • Sonic Blue Burst Slush
  • Sonic Cherry Burst Slush
  • Strawberry Frosé Slush
  • Lemonberry Slush Float
  • Red Berry Sangria Slush
  • Holiday Mint Master Shake
  • Birthday Cake Shake
  • Peach Bellini Slush
  • Holiday Mint Master Blast
  • Cranberry Juice Cocktail
  • Sonic Christmas Blast
  • Strawberry Shortcake Snowball Slush Float
  • Pumpkin Spice Shake
  • Blueberry Cheesecake Shake

Sonic Sugar-Free Drinks Menu

The Sonic drink menu also covers the drinks for health-conscious folks. Diet-conscious customers can enjoy the drinks without worrying about calories. A few sugar-free drinks at Sonic are as below:

  • Sugar-Free Vanilla Coffee
  • Sugar-Free Limeade & Lemonade
  • Diet Coke
  • Diet Sprite
  • Unsweet Iced Tea
  • Diet Dr. Pepper

New Sonic Drinks from 1st July 2024

As we know, Sonic always tries to introduce new flavors in drinks for its customers, so get ready to enjoy 7 new drinks from July 1st, 2024. These flavorful drinks look attractive due to their colorful appearance, and you must try them at least once. Below are new drinks at Sonic:

  • Paradise Sunset
  • Dirty Dr Pepper
  • Twisted Flamingo
  • Rainbow Slush
  • Classic Cruiser
  • Grape Escape
  • Lemonade Cream Cooler

Sonic’s drinks menu offers different drink sizes to match your preferences. The standard sizes available at Sonic are:

Sonic Drinks SizesOzml
Mini10 Ounces295.7 ml
Small16 Ounces473.1 ml
Medium20 Ounces591.5 ml
Large32 Ounces946.3 ml
Super Sonic (RT 44)44 Ounces1301.2 ml

The Sonic drinks menu offers a variety of refreshing drinks to satisfy everyone and please their thirst at affordable prices. Their customers enjoy Candy Slushes for a sweet, Signature Limeades, tangy delight, and Famous Sonic Slushies. Sonic’s drink menu serves their customers SONIC Splash,  Soft Drinks, and Sonic Ocean Water for traditional thirst-quenching.

They offer choices of juices like Cranberry Juice Cocktail, Orange Juice,  and SONIC Wave Bottled Water, to make their taste bud happy. Customers also get their SONIC Energy Drinks and Premium Roast Coffee for energy boost.

Sonic Drinks Menu
Sonic Drinks SmallMediumLargeRoute 44
Real Fruit Slushes$2.19$2.39$2.79$2.99
Signature Limeades$1.69$1.99$2.29$2.59
Candy Slushes$1.69$2.49$2.89$3.09
SONIC Splash$1.19$1.69$1.89$2.19
Ocean Water Small$1.39$1.79$1.99$2.29
Orange Juice or Cranberry Juice Cocktail$1.99$2.49__
Soft Drink (Iced Tea)Gallon $3.99___
Famous Slushes$1.19$1.99$2.39$2.59
Soft Drink$1.19$1.69$1.89$2.19
SONIC Energy Drink$1.99$2.19$2.29
Premium Roast Coffee_$1.49$1.79_
SONIC Wave Bottled Water$1.49___

Heartly welcome to the  Sonic Drive-In’s Frozen Drinks Zone here sonic has a wide variety of frozen treats for dessert lovers. In the sonic drink menu, the Java Chiller Shakes include indulgent Master Shakes and also nostalgic Old School Floats, our aim to satisfy all of your thirst and cravings.

Sonic serves you delightful sundaes like the Real Ice Cream Sundae, Waffle Cone Sundae, and  Molten Cake Sundae, and the most special Sonic Master Blasts for a frosty delight; you must try it. 

Sonic Frozen Drinks MenuMiniSmallMediumLarge
Hand-Mixed Classic Shakes$1.99$2.79$3.59$4.59
Java Chiller Shakes_$2.99$3.39$4.39
Master Shakes$2.49$3.29$4.09$5.09
Sonic Blast$2.89$3.39$4.09$5.49
Master Blast$3.39$3.89$4.59$5.99
Cream Slush Treats$2.09$2.99$3.59$4.59
Old School Floats$2.09$2.49$3.09$4.39
Vanilla Waffle Cone$1.99
Molten Cake Sundae$4.29
Real Ice Cream Sundae$1.99
Waffle Cone Sundae$2.99
Sonic CoffeeDescription
Sonic Drip CoffeeTraditional coffee is produced with hot water and fresh ground beans, in 4 sizes Tall, Small, Grande, and Venti sizes.
Sonic Iced CoffeeThis coffee is always made with 100% Arabica beans and is offered in regular-size, decaf flavors like Mocha, Hazelnut, and French Vanilla.
Americanos drinks from SonicConcentrated coffee (espresso) mixed with hot water. Available in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large sizes.
Sonic Cold Brew CoffeeIt is less sour due to a steeping process of around 20 hours, and it offers vanilla and regular flavors.
Sonic Drinks Menu EspressosPowerful shots of finely ground coffee beans brewed with hot water, and it’s available in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large sizes.
Sonic Frappuccinos MenuIcy blends milk with tea, fruit, or coffee with flavors like Java Chip, Cream, Strawberries, and Mocha.
Sonic LattesPerfect Classic espresso and milk mix with favorite flavors like Hazelnut, Caramel, and Vanilla.
Special Sonic Beverage Boosters:Flavored syrups, chocolate drizzle, and whipped cream make your coffee delightful.
Sonic CappuccinosClassic espresso with frothed and steamed milk, available in Hazelnut, Caramel, and Vanilla flavors.

The Sonic drinks menu offers its lovely customers a hidden unique twist on the usual options. Sonic adds the purple sprite mixed with cranberry juice, Powerade, and lemonade. They also offer a special Dr Pepper with added lemonade and Powerade. Also surprising drinks like Purple Sprite, Sonic Sunrise, and Pink Flamingo. Some hidden Sonic drinks menu items are:

  • Purple Sprite
  • Enhanced Dr Pepper
  • Pink Flamingo
  • Sonic Sunrise

The Sonic drink menu is crafted by mixing different flavors that base ingredients like water, coffee, sprite, Fanta, and other beverages. Below are some popular Sonic drink combinations:

Sonic Drinks Menu 2024

Limeade Combinations

  • Mango limeade & Orange
  • Strawberry limeade & Orange
  • Cranberry & Peach limeade
  • Cherry limeade & Orange
  • Watermelon limeade with extra lime
  • Cranberry peach limeade & cherries
  • Cherry Limeade & Vanilla and Cream

Tea and Coffee Combinations

  • Sonic’s Boba Drink
  • Sonic Drip Coffee
  • Sweet tea with mint
  • Sonic Lattes
  • Green tea with mint
  • Sonic Cappuccino
  • Sweet tea with strawberry and cream
  • Sonic Americano
  • Sweet tea with strawberry
  • Sonic Espresso
  • Sweet tea with peach 
  • Sweet tea with coconut
  • Sweet tea with cream and vanilla

Fanta Combinations

  • Fanta – Cranberry 
  • Fanta – Blueberry
  • Fanta – Cherry 
  • Fanta – Lime 
  • Fanta – Strawberry

Water Combinations

  • Mango water
  • Blue cream slush
  • Watermelon slush with cream
  •  Mint water 
  • Watermelon lime slush
  • Peach water 
  • Nerds slush
  • Cherry water 
  • Sonic Menu the Hedgehog Drink
  • Water with Blackberry & Raspberry
  • Watermelon slush
  • Strawberry Peach water
  • Lemon and lime water
  • Water with mint and watermelon
  • Strawberry lime water

Combinations of Dr. Pepper

  • Dr. Pepper – Whipped Cream & Cherry 
  • Dr. Pepper – Blue Coconut 
  • Dr. Pepper – Watermelon 
  • Dr. Pepper – Strawberry 
  • Dr. Pepper – Green Apple
  • Dr. Pepper – Vanilla Cream & Chocolate
  • Dr. Pepper – Lime 
  • Dr. Pepper – Caramel & Chocolate

Sprite Combinations

  • Sprite – Vanilla & Cranberry
  • Sprite – Blue Coconut 
  • Sprite – Pineapple, Cherry & Orange
  • Sprite – Cranberry
  • Sprite – White Coconut
  • Sprite – Watermelon
  • Sprite – Blackberry
  • Sprite – Nerds Candies, Vanilla Cream & Strawberry 
  • Sprite – Raspberry
  • Sprite – Strawberry

Rootbeer Combinations

  • Root Beer – Vanilla & Cherries
  • Root Beer – Strawberry
  • Rootbeer – Vanilla
  • Rootbeer – Cranberry

Coke Combinations

  • Coke – Cranberry & Vanilla 
  • Coke – Strawberry 
  • Coke – Orange 
  • Coke – Cranberry
  • Coke – Cherry 
  • Coke – Cream & Caramel 
  • Coke – Lime 
  • Coke – Vanilla Cream
Sonic Redbull Drinks

Find your nearest Sonic location on the below map to enjoy refreshing drinks, slushes, and coffee.

Yes, sonic offers mini-size drinks that they specially crafted for kids and these mini-size drinks are available in different flavors.

Customers can send suggestions and feedback for the Sonic drink menu via Sonic’s official website, the Sonic mobile app, or by contacting their customer services team.

Yes, Sonic serves their customer a quantity of ice in their drink with less or extra ice according to their preferences.

Yes, Sonic did not hide the ingredient information for its drinks menu items on their official websites or in-store their team member also helped you upon request.

Yes, Sonic allows its customers to craft their customized drinks by mixing or blending flavors and a variety of ingredients that are available at the Sonic location.

The Sonic Drinks Menu has always something for its customers, like classic drinks to special frozen treats that make customers thirsty. They also serve warm coffee, iced coffee, shakes, and refreshing slushes. Customers can choose any drink according to their moods and weather. Sugar-free drinks are also included in the Sonic drinks menu. They make lots of efforts to make their customers satisfied and connect with them for a long time. Must enjoy the delightful shakes and drinks at Sonic with your loved ones.

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