Sonic Hamburger Wacky Pack

Sonic Hamburger Wacky Pack

Introducing Sonic’s Hamburger Wacky Pack, an adventure and most favorite meal of kids. It’s a delicious meal with a lot of excitement for kids. Sonic Hamburger Wacky Pack is a special combo deal made for kids who love the most sonic food chain. In this combo meal, Sonic offers the yummiest hamburger with sides like fries and a soft drink. It’s a super offer for parents searching for a satisfying meal for their kids.

This pack includes a kids-sized mini burger made with a juicy beef patty topped with cheese tomato, lettuce, and customized topping available to serve with some french fries and a soft drink or juice. This combo meal is always served to the kids in colorful packaging that attracts and pleases them.

Sonic Hamburger Wacky Pack for Kids

The Sonic Hamburger Wacky Pack Combo deal contains the below-mentioned meals in it:


A tasty, juicy beef patty is placed in a bun, and topped with tomato pickles, lettuce, ketchup, and mustard. The Customers can easily customize their burgers according to their kid’s choice.

The ingredients used in a hamburger come with this deal are mentioned below:

Essential Ingredients

Sonic Bun


Sonic Jr Patty

Jr. Patty

Essential Ingredients with Customization Choice



None, Regular


None, Easy, Regular


None, Easy, Regular, Extra


None, Easy, Regular


None, Easy, Regular



None, Regular

Charges: $1

Cheese Slice

None, Regular

Charges: $1


Easy, Regular

Charges: $0.30


Easy, Regular

Charges: $0.70


Easy, Regular

Charges: $1

Chopped Lettuce

Easy, Regular

Diced Onion

Easy, Regular, Extra


This combo offers a kids-sized drink which could be a soft drink or a juice box depending on the customer’s preference.

Side Options

This combo offers side options to kids like tater tots, french fries, or applesauce. Select your favorite side item with this deal.

Fun Packaging

Fun and colorful packaging designed to attract kids and make mealtime more exciting.

Additional Customization Choices

Customer can Personalize their Wacky Pack by choosing their favorite sides and drink or juice box. That must be perfect as their choice and dietary preferences. Review the Sonic Allergen Guide before placing your Sonic’s Hamburger Wacky Pack order. This meal combo is fine for your dietary needs.

Calories and other nutrients like FAT and protein are based on customers’ choices and customization. 2,000 Calories daily intake is essential but everyone’s requirements may differ.

  • Calories – Calories vary between 385 and 750 but suit various dietary preferences.
  • Allergen Alert Must be aware of the risk of peanut cross-contact with hamburger.
  • Price – Sonic Hamburger Wacky Pack ranges between $3.39 and $4.99.
  • Availability – Sonic Hamburger Wacky Pack is also included in the Sonic Breakfast menu. This deal is mostly served at all Sonic Dive-In locations in the USA.

Placing order options may depend on the location, but some Sonic restaurants offer online placing orders through the website, mobile app, and phone number. Customers have to check their local Sonic for available ordering or payment methods.

Availability of the Sonic Hamburger Wacky Pack depends on the location and it’s recommended that the customers check with their local Sonic restaurant to confirm the specific menu offering.

These burgers are mostly crafted for kids but this hamburger can also be enjoyed by any age group who loves this mini-size burger and prefers a smaller portion size.

Yes, the customers can customize their burgers by adding or removing their favorite ingredients for topping, side options like fries or applesauce, and choosing their favorite drink.

Yes, customers can use this deal for kids’ birthday parties. Contact your local Sonic about ordering for larger groups.

This Hamburger Wacky Pack is a superb choice for kids. Kid enjoys this convenient deal with excitement with their favorite drink. Customers can order this meal in big numbers for their kids’ birthday parties. Not only do kids love this combo deal, but all age groups also enjoy this juicy beef mini burger.

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