Corn Dog Wacky Pack

Sonic Corn Dog Wacky Pack

The Sonic Corn Dog Wacky Pack is an amazing and yummiest meal at Sonic Drive-in. It’s a delicious meal package for kids and is popular as the kids’ most-wanted Sonic meal. Corn Dog Wacky Pack typically consists of the corn dog, a drink with side choices like fries or tots, and occasionally some toys or treats like mini gifts for kids.

If you are looking for a meal for kids that they love most with fun, then try Sonic’s Corn Dog Wacky Pack. It is perfect for little diners, lunches, and breakfasts as well. Sonic serves it with full flavor and fun in each and it’s a big adventure for kids. It’s an amazing kid-friendly meal option offered by Sonic Drive-In to fulfill kids’ hunger.

Sonic Corn Dog Wacky Pack

It’s a delicious meal for kids that includes:

Corn Dog

A tasty hot dog wrapped in sweet corn batter and fried until it turns golden and crispy. This delicious dog normally comes with the below sausages:

Essential Ingredients with Customization Choice



None, Regular


None, Easy, Regular


With Corn Dog Wacky Pack, select small tots, fries, or applesauce to enjoy with your meal.


Finish your Wacky Pack with your favorite drink to taste more amazing Corn Dog Wacky Pack. Customers have options to choose their favorite drink from the Sonic Drinks Menu.

Fun Packaging

Colorful packaging crafted to attract kids and make mealtime more fun and adventurous.

Customers can customize their Corn Dog Wacky Pack by selecting a drink or juice and preferred sides in this sonic meal box. It must fit the customer’s taste and dietary preferences. Before ordering this meal pack, customers should ensure this combo pack meets their dietary requirements.

  • Price – The cost of the Corn Dog Wacky Pack mostly depends on the customer’s location and the sides and drinks they choose but most of the time, it can cost between $3.39 and $4.99.
  • Availability – Sonic Corn Dog Wacky Pack is mostly offered at all Sonic Dive locations in the USA. You can get it anytime including the breakfast.
  • Calories – Maximum 525 to 890 calories per pack. Remember that calories may vary on customization by customer.
  • Nutrition Advice – The typical recommendation is 2,000 calories a day for general nutrition, but each customer’s requirements may differ. Must check the nutrition and Allergen Guide provided by Sonic.

This meal pack mostly comes with mustard and ketchup for customers. Topping depends on location and ingredients availability. If customers have preferences or dietary needs, they need to talk to the Sonic Staff.

Fries and tots are usually offered with the Corn Dog Wacky Pack at Sonic but some locations may have other side options. The customer has to check their local Sonic to see what they offer.

Sometimes, Sonic has special promotions or deals for items like the Corn Dog Wacky Pack for their customers. This meal can be purchased at half price during the Happy Hour at Sonic. Customers have to check their website, or app, or ask their local Sonic to see if there are any discounts available.

Few Sonic branches may serve healthier options like apple slices or side salad instead of fries or tots. To confirm, ask your local Sonic about these choices.

Yes, customers can often customize their order to exclude the drink if desired. Just let the staff know your desire when placing the order.

The Sonic Corn Dog Wacky Pack is the yummiest and most satisfying meal choice for kids. It’s a perfect combo meal with a corn dog, drink, and side options. Don’t forget to ask about discounted deals, and feel free to customize your order. Whether you’re getting delivery, dining in, or picking up, this Pack is sure to satisfy your kids’ hunger.

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