Crispy Tenders Wacky Pack

Sonic Crispy Tenders Wacky Pack

The Sonic Crispy Tenders Wacky Pack is a combo deal Sonic offers to its customers. It is for chicken lovers and crafted to satisfy the craving for chicken and remove hunger with each bite. In this pack, Sonic serves a crunchy chicken tender cooked perfectly, with a side item like fries or tots, and on the demand of customers, Sonic provides them with mouthwatering dipping sauce. Sonic often serves you a soda, juice, or any other drink to quench your thirst.

Sonic is committed to providing quality and value to its customers with this and every Wacky Pack, and this wacky pack brings a smile to your face with taste and quality. If you are searching for a meal to make your kids happy, this Sonic deal combo is perfect. This Crispy Tenders Wacky Pack is bursting with flavor and is highly guaranteed to excite kids and their parents.

Sonic Crispy Tenders Wacky Pack

Try the Sonic Crispy Tenders Wacky Pack at least once and surely you’ll try it again.

This is one of five wacky-pack meals at Sonic that includes:

Crispy Tenders

Savor two juicy, breaded, 100% completely all-white chicken meat tenders.

Sonic Crispy Tenders 3 Piece

Side Options

Pick tots, small fries, or any other side option.


Also included refreshing beverages to quench thirst.

You can customize your Sonic Crispy Tenders Wacky Pack by selecting your favorite juice, drinks, and side. Sonic makes sure to serve the customer’s taste and dietary preferences. Sonic must ensure that each wacky pack meal is served according to the customer’s customization, requirements, and taste preferences.

  • Price Prices for Sonic Crispy Tenders Wacky Pack depend on the customer’s location. The selection of drinks and sides and other customization choices also influence the prices. At most Sonic locations, the Sonic Crispy Tenders Wacky Pack is charged between $4.99 and $6.99.
  • Availability – The Crispy Chicken Tenders Wacky Pack is served at every Sonic Drive-In location in the United States. You can enjoy these crispy tenders at any time to remove your hunger. This wacky pack meal is also included in the Sonic’s breakfast menu.
  • Calories – The Crispy Tenders Wacky Pack Calories range between 525 and 890.
  • Nutritional SuggestionThe general guideline recommends aiming for 2,000 calories per day, but individual needs can be different.
  • Allergen InformationYou have to be careful of the new risk of peanuts cross-contact. Read the Sonic Allergen Guide to prevent the potential risk of peanuts cross-contact.

Customers can share their experiences and recommendations by contacting customer service on Sonic’s Official website and mobile app. Sonic always takes customer suggestions seriously and welcomes feedback from customers.

This Crispy Tenders Wacky Pack serves a satisfying and fun combination of crunchy chicken tenders, with flavorful dipping sauces, sides, and drinks to provide a convenient meal pack.

You can select from various drinks like iced tea, soda, and juice. water with different sizes might depend on the sonic location.

This Crispy Tenders Wacky Pack is crafted as kids’ meals. Its options like chicken tenders and fries are kid-friendly and the most satisfying meal for kids. Parents can easily adjust sides and sizes according to their kids’ needs.

Customers can use the Sonic Drive-In mobile app or official website to locate the nearest Sonic Drive-In location and find which Sonic Drive-In offers the Crispy Tenders Wacky Pack on its menu.

Sonic offers a tasty and customizable Crispy Tenders Wacky Pack meal at all Sonic locations.  They provide sausages with the yummiest crispy chicken tenders, a side, and a drink that is perfect for kids and adults. Different Sonic payment methods make it easy to order online through the Sonic Official website and Sonic mobile app. In short, it’s a convenient option for delicious and fun meals for you and your kids.

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