Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Sonic Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The Sonic Grilled Cheese Sandwich is a delicious and cheesy sandwich at Sonic Drive-In. This sandwich has two pieces of toasted bread with melty cheese in between. It’s good and satisfying for a cheesy craving. This Grilled Cheese Sandwich by Sonic is a great option for a fast bite or a cozy treat. You can customize it by adding bacon or jalapeños according to your demand and taste.

Every April 12, 2024, Sonic celebrates National Grilled Cheese Day with a great offer. their classic Grilled Cheese Sandwiches are priced at only $1. You can easily get this deal by ordering through the Sonic website or app but remember that this offer is only available on 12th April.

To get the $1 Grilled Cheese Sandwich, confirm from the official channel and then order through the redeem now option. There’s only one $1 sandwich per person when you order online through the Sonic App, and the extra costs and taxes are not included. Placing orders from mobile might not work everywhere or all day.

Sonic Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This marvelous sandwich is a fulfilled dream for melted cheese lovers, especially kids. It’s all about gooey melted cheese between two toasted bread slices. You can customize it according to your choice like adding some jalapenos and bacon for extra yummy flavor.

Essential Ingredients

Texas Toast

Texas Toast

Cheese Slice

Cheese Slice

Ingredients with Customization Choice



None, Easy, Regular, Extra


None, Easy, Regular, Extra

Hickory BBQ Sauce

None, Easy, Regular, Extra


Easy, Regular, Extra



None, Regular, Extra

Charges: $1



None, Easy, Regular, Extra


None, Easy, Regular, Extra

Charges: $0.30


None, Easy, Regular, Extra

Charges: $0.70

Diced Onion

None, Easy, Regular, Extra

Chopped Lettuce

None, Easy, Regular, Extra


At Sonic, customers can personalize their Grilled Cheese Sandwiches according to their liking. Customers can add or remove anything from their sandwiches according to their choices, dietary needs, and requirements. Sonic makes all efforts to serve you a perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich that is made exactly how you want it, with all the customization choices available for you to select.


This sandwich tastes like pure cheesy Texas toast and removes all cheese cravings. Each bite is like a warm hug due to melted cheese. Toasted bread with melted cheese satisfies your cravings and makes you happy.  You can take it simple or add jalapeños and bacon to enhance the taste; it’s a taste that brings joy.

Vitamin A – IU0.66
Vitamin C (mg)0.07
Calcium (mg)244.75
Iron (mg)2.26
Saturated Fat (g)10
Fat (g)21
Calories from Fat190
Cholesterol (mg)40
Trans Fatty Acid (g)0
Sodium (mg)1130
Total Dietary Fiber (g)3
Protein (g)13
Carbohydrates (g)42
Total Sugars (g)4
  • Price – The Sonic Grilled Cheese Sandwich is cost-affordable and is priced at just $2.99. Each 12 April, the price of this sandwich is only $1 due to celebrations. This cheesy sandwich can also be purchased at half price daily during the Sonic happy hour. Remember that prices may vary on location.
  • Availability – You can get Sonic Grilled Cheese Sandwich at any Sonic Drive-In franchise across the United States. It’s perfect for removing hunger and can be eaten at lunch or breakfast. This sandwich is also available as a Sonic Grilled Cheese Wacky Pack for kids. Most people enjoy this sandwich during the breakfast hours.
  • Go to the nearest Sonic Drive-In.
  • Inform Sonic staff what you want. 
  • Personalize your sandwich with the toppings if you require them.
  • Pay your total bill. 
  • Enjoy your Grilled Cheese Sandwich and fulfill your cravings.
  • Customers can also order online using the Sonic Drive-In mobile app or website.

You can make this cheesy sandwich at home in the same way as Sonic. Just collect all the ingredients and cook them perfectly. Follow the Grilled Cheese Sandwich recipe to make it at home and enjoy it.

Making grilled cheese sandwiches at home isn’t a time-consuming process. It’s the easiest way to remove your hunger in no time. Follow the Sonic grilled cheese sandwich recipe below to make it at home anytime.



Cooking Time

10 Minutes

Preparing Time

5 Minutes

Total Time

15 Minutes

Enough For

4 Servings

Review Count: 8


Sr. no.IngredientsQuantity
1Texas Toast (Bread)8 Qty
2American Cheese4 Slices
3Mayonnaise¼ cup
4Diced Onion (Optional)1 Qty
5BBQ Sauce (Optional)¼ cup
6Pickles (Optional)4 tablespoon
7Cooked Bacon (Optional)4 slices
8Tomato (Optional) (Cut into Round)1-2 Qty
9Lettuce leaves (Optional)4 leaves
10Mustard (Optional)¼ cup

Cooking Process

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe

The cooking process of grilled cheese sandwiches is simple and short. First of all, heat a skillet over low or medium-low heat. Spread a thin layer of mayonnaise on one side of each slice. Many people use butter instead of mayonnaise. You can also use butter but mayonnaise works better than butter. Now place a cheese slice and optional on the other side of the four breads. 

Place the remaining four slices of bread on the cheese and carefully cook it for 3-4 minutes on a low-heated skillet. Turn the sides of sandwiches halfway and place them on a plate or tray when you notice their golden-brown color and the cheese has melted perfectly. Add toppings of your choice to your sandwich and enjoy.

Yes, it is the best option for vegetarians. This sandwich is made with Texas toast and cheese, which is perfect for vegetarians.

Yes, the customer can request Sonic staff to serve them a Sandwich without butter if they have any kind of dietary restrictions.

Sonic gives the service for catering including the Sonic Grilled Cheese Sandwich for special events of their customers.

This grilled cheese sandwich is a kids-friendly meal full of cheesy goodness that kids must love and enjoy. A very satisfying meal for kids is this sandwich.

The Sonic restaurants give the nutritional information for the Grilled Cheese Sandwich including fat content, calories, and much more.

The Sonic Grilled Cheese Sandwich is a tasty and satisfying treat for cheese lovers. It is crafted with melted cheese inside two toasted bread slices. Customers can get it at Sonic Drive-In restaurants anywhere and personalize it according to their requirements with favorite toppings for more taste. If you want to make these cheezy sandwiches at home, follow the grilled cheese sandwich recipe above.

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