Sonic Groovy Fries

Sonic Groovy Fries

Sonic Groovy Fries is new to the Sonic Snacks menu. It is crispy, full-salted fries added to the Sonic menu with style. It is the first snacks and sides menu addition in around 10 years. These fries are sold in three different sizes, small, medium, and large at Sonic.

The Sonic Groovy fries are crispy on the outside, providing a yummiest crunch. It is served simply or with toppings like shredded cheese, jalapeno, diced onion, or chili. These Sonic stylish fries are thin, golden brown, and crispy; mostly served hot. These fries provide a salty taste to its customers.

Sonic provides dips and sauces with fries, key parts of Sonic’s fast food meal. Any sauce with groovy fries is the best combo and enhances taste. In May 2024, the Sonic restaurant introduced these fries, and Mackenzie Gibson, Sonic Drive-In’s vice president of culinary and menu innovation, said that now it’s time to give their special and iconic fries for some competition.

Groovy Fries

Sonic Groovy Fries are awesome full of salt and crisp. Their deep grooves hold a lot of sauce making each bite mouthwatering and making more cravings for these fries. These fries are enjoyable because they are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It’s the most favorite for the kids. Sonic makes sure each bite is full of flavors, slated and crispy. Super has a satisfying crush with a soft bite inside when having a Sonic burger. Sonic fries are the super top choice for fry lovers.

Essential Ingredients



Cheese Slice

Cheese Slice

None, Regular, Extra

Charges: $1



None, Regular, Extra

Charges: $1

Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Shredded Cheddar Cheese

None, Easy, Regular, Extra

Charges: $1


None, Easy, Regular, Extra

Charges: $0.70

Diced Onion

None, Easy, Regular, Extra


Sonic offers its customers an opportunity to personalize their Groovy Fries by adding or removing toppings like cheese, jalapenos, and diced onions. Every person likes a different taste, some like lots of toppings and some go for the normal topping. Some people love lots of cheese but some love spice, chili, and jalapenos. People often need to personalize their groovy fries due to medical issues and dietary needs.


These fries are fried to golden brown and provide a crispy satisfying crunch with each bite, best for those who love crisp and crunch. In these fries, salt is also the main ingredient and enhances the natural potato flavor. Sonic groovy fries are soft from the inner side. When fries are dipped in a sauce, it perfectly combines creamy ranch, a hint of spice, and herbs. The taste of fries gains extra saucy flavors like tangy and savory.

Calories250 – 470
Fat (g)13
Trans Fatty Acid (g)0
Saturated Fat (g)2.5
Calories from Fat120
Vitamin A – IU27.2
Vitamin C (mg)1.35
Cholesterol (mg)0
Iron (mg)0.73
Sodium (mg)300
Calcium (mg)19.2
Total Dietary Fiber (g)3
Carbohydrates (g)38
total Sugars (g)3

Price – Sonic Groovy fries come in three sizes. Small size comes at $1.99, Medium $2.69, and Large size is priced at $3.19. 

Sonic Drive-In feels happy to introduce a limited-time discount offer on Its groovy fries. Now you can get any size of groovy fries for just $1. Don’t wait and avail yourself of the opportunity to taste the newly introduced fries at Sonic at a discounted price.

Limited time offer on Groovy Fries

Availability – These Sonic Groocy Fries are available at all the Sonic Drive-in locations across the US. You can buy it anytime including the breakfast at Sonic. It’s mostly ordered by the kids and is the best option for removing the fries craving in a style.

Sonic offers its groovy fries in two delicious variations other than simple groovy fries, which are:

Cheesy Groovy Fries

Cheesy Groovy Fries are fried to golden brown, fluffy, and soft on the inner side. It’s fully topped with melted cheese and each bite is satisfying for cheese lovers. Melted cheese adds creamy and savory flavor to these fries. Cheesy Groovy Fries are perfectly salted and served with toppings like diced onion, jalapenos, and chili.

Cheesy Groovy Fries

The below table shows the calories and price of each size of Cheesy Groovy Fries:


Chili Cheese Groovy Fries

Sonic Chili Cheese Groovy Fries are made with a lot of chili and cheese that give you a unique spice and creamy taste. These fries are good for those people who love the cheese and chili combo. Chili Cheese Groovy Fries can also be topped with diced onion and jalapeno.

Sonic Chili Cheese Groovy Fries

Check the calories and prices of chili cheese groovy fries in the below table:

  • Go to the nearest location of Sonic Drive-In.
  • Inform the Sonic staff about your Groovy Fries order.
  • Customize your fries if you desire.
  • Pay the payment through any Sonic billing method.
  • Enjoy your fries and remove the craving.
  • Groovy fries lovers can order through the Sonic mobile app or the Sonic website.

We can make groovy fries at home with the help of simple ingredients and recipes. Just bring all the ingredients and essentials and follow the groovy fries recipe step-by-step.

It is very easy to follow the groovy fries recipe. It does not take a long time to prepare tasty fries at home to remove your cravings. Just follow the below groovy fries recipe:

Groovy fries recipe



Cooking Time

20 Minutes

Preparing Time

15 Minutes

Total Time

35 Minutes

Enough For

4 Servings

Review Count: 7


Large Potatoes4 Qty
Vegetable OilEnough for deep frying
Garlic Powder1 Teaspoons
Melted Cheese (Optional)1 cup
Sliced Jalapenos (Optional)¼ cup
Salt1 teaspoon
Olive Oil4 Teaspoon
Black Pepper½  Teaspoon

Cooking Process

The cooking process starts with washing and peeling the potatoes. We can explain the complete cooking process in two easy steps, preparation and frying process. Follow the below steps to make these stylish fries at home.

Step 1:

Groovy fries recipe preparation

First of all, wash, peel, and cut the potatoes into long crinkle slices. Remove the starch by soaking these crinkle-cut potatoes in a bowl of cold water. After 30 minutes, put the potato slices out and dry them with a soft towel. 

In a separate bowl, combine the olive oil, garlic powder, black pepper, and salt, and sprinkle and coat this mixture on the sliced potatoes properly.     

Step 2:

Groovy Fries recipe frying process

Now heat the vegetable oil enough for deep frying and fry the potato slices to golden brown. Remove the oil from the fries and spread melted cheese on it. Add toppings like diced onion, and jalapenos if you like, and enjoy the stylish homemade groovy fries.

Sonic recently updated its menu and added Sonic Groovy Fries with a salted taste, which have special cheesy and chili cheese variants.

Yes, Sonic offers crinkle-cut fries on its menu. These fries are always served hot, crispy, and salted with dipping sausages by the Sonic.

These fries come with Sonic Groovy sauce. Some Sonic branches may charge you extra if you require extra sausages with your fries. It’s better to confirm from your nearest Sonic branch before ordering.

Sonic groovy fries come in two delicious flavors other than simple fries. One is Cheesy Groovy Fries topped with a lot of melted cheese, and the second is Chili Cheese Groovy Fries hold a lot of chili and cheese.

Sonic’s Groovy Fries are made from potatoes, cut into fries, and wavy shapes.  These fries have a super satisfying flavor of cheese and salt.

Sonic now offers Groovy Fries from May 2024. Groovy fries come with salted flavor and many other customization options. Sonic has announced a limited-time discount offer and you can get any size of groovy fries for $1. Kids and teenagers demand these fries most but are popular among all people. These fries can also be made at home by following the groovy fries recipe mentioned above.

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