Sonic Onion Rings Recipe

Sonic Onion Rings

The Sonic Onion Rings is an amazing side item by taste and is the most demanding meal for Sonic customers. These onion rings are made fresh daily at Sonic. It gives the flavor of savory, slightly sweet, and full of crisp with a satisfying snack. They fry the onion until it turns golden and gets crisp and crunch.

Sonic also uses cornmeal in the onion rings for crispy coating. It creates a great combo with burgers, chicken tenders, and hot dogs. Delicious onion rings at Sonic are super popular because of their crispy texture. Sonic-loving customers demand onion rings the most and crave them whenever they visit Sonic.

Sonic Onion Rings

The special thing in Sonic Onion Rings is crisp and crunch, making customers return for more. It’s also known as Sonic Golden Onions. It’s a favorite choice of Sonic customers along with burgers, chicken, and dogs. The Sonic-made onion rings are always served in hot, crispy, and bursting flavors. These rings are big and give a crunch on each bite. Customers can enjoy this sonic meal as a snack or a side. The yummiest onion rings must leave you craving for more.

These yummy onion rings are served as a side item with other meals like Sonic Chicken sandwiches, Burgers, Hot Dogs, and Chicken Tenders. This Sonic snack can be part of combo meals with flavorful drinks at Sonic. You can order this snack alone and choose different condiments with your onion rings. Below is a list of condiments you can choose with your onion rings at Sonic:

  • Honey Mustard Packet (90 Calories)
  • Ranch Dressing Packet (110 Calories)
  • BBQ Sauce Packet (40 Calories)
  • Salt Packet (0 Calories)
  • Mayonnaise Packet (40 Calories)
  • Honey BBQ Sauce Packet (0 Calories)
  • Pepper Packet (0 Calories)
  • Signature Sauce Packet (100 Calories)
  • Ketchup Packet (10 Calories)
  • Relish Packet (10 Calories)
  • Mustard Packet (5 Calories)
  • Buffalo Sauce Packet (0 Calories)


Customers can personalize their onion rings at Sonic. They can add or remove something like spice and pair their onion rings with their favorite drinks. Customers can select their favorite dip sauce like BBQ sauce, honey mustard, and ketchup. Some Sonic outlets permit you to add melted cheese on top if the customers require it.


The onion rings from Sonic have a distinctive flavor of savory and sweet with a crisp. The secret behind the sweet taste is the melted ice cream they use. There are different Sonic Ice Cream Flavors on the menu but they mostly use melted vanilla ice cream. The creamy vanilla milk can also be used. This Sonic meal is always served hot and full of crispiness.

The onions are naturally tender and juicy, and each bite becomes more tasty and juicy when all the ingredients are perfectly coated and cooked. Different flavorful condiments and dip sauces enhance the taste of onion rings.

CaloriesS=440, M=580, L=800
Fat (g)29
Trans Fatty Acid (g)0
Saturated Fat (g)5
Calories from Fat260
Vitamin C (mg)0
Vitamin A – IU0
Cholesterol (mg)0
Iron (mg)1.21
Sodium (mg)570
Calcium (mg)34.53
Carbohydrates (g)74
Total Sugars (g)19
Protein (g)8
Total Dietary Fiber (g)4
  • Price – Sonic onion rings come in three sizes. Small size is priced at $3.49, the medium size at 4.39, and the large size at $5.09. Some Sonic locations offer mini-size onion rings at just $1.29. There could be a minor difference in prices at different Sonic locations. Normally, snacks and sides aren’t included in the Sonic Happy Hour Menu, but you can get these items in combo deals during the Sonic Happy Hour Time
  • Availability – This yummiest side meal is available at all the Sonic outlets across the US. People love to order it with their selected meals on the Sonic Menu. You can order onion rings anytime at Sonic whether it’s time for breakfast or dinner.
  • Go to the nearest Sonic outlet. 
  • Tell the Sonic staff that you want onion rings.
  • Inform the Sonic staff about your customization requirements. 
  • Pay the bill at Sonic for your onion rings.
  • Enjoy your crispy onion rings.
  • For online ordering, log in to Sonic’s official website or mobile app, choose onion rings, and follow the instructions.

Yes, we can make onion rings at home just like Sonic by following the simple Onion Rings Recipe. The onion rings recipe is easy to follow to satisfy your cravings at home. Look below and see how easy making onion rings at home is.

Onion Rings Recipe

The onion rings recipe is very simple and easy to follow, and you’ll find many recipes online to make onion rings at home. But to make onion rings just like Sonic, you need to know the secrets behind the Sonic Drive-In’s Onion Rings Recipe. The main secret is that Sonic uses melted vanilla ice cream in making the onion rings. Gather the below-mentioned ingredients and follow the complete Onion rings recipe to make Onion Rings just like Sonic.



Cooking Time

10 Minutes

Preparing Time

20 Minutes

Total Time

30 Minutes

Enough For

2 Servings

Review Count: 12


Texas Sweet Onions4 large
Cornmeal2 cups 
Melted Vanilla Ice Cream1 cup 
Flour1 cup 
Oil Enough for frying
Water1 cup 

Cooking Process:

Preparing Sonic Onion Rings
Cornmeal coating on Onion Rings

Cut the onions into a ring shape and put them into a water bowl. Place the flour, melted vanilla ice cream, and cornmeal in separate bowls and an empty cookie sheet next to your deep fryer. 

Now pick an onion ring from the water bowl, dip it in flour, melted vanilla ice cream, and cornmeal in the last, and place it on a cookie sheet near the deep fryer. Do the same process with each onion ring and make sure each onion ring is coated perfectly. Let the onion rings dry for around 5 minutes.

Now it’s time to fry onion rings. Heat the oil in a deep fryer and put some onion rings in it for frying. Fry for around 3-4 minutes and remove them from the oil when you notice them golden or light brown. Do not crowd your fryer with onion rings and fry them in batches.

Remove oil from the fried onion rings and serve them with ketchup.

Sonic includes melted vanilla ice cream which gives a sweet flavor, and coating with cornmeal makes a unique combination of crisp and sweetness.

Yes, Sonic Drive-In serves crispy, golden onion rings at each location. Many people love the sweet and creamy batter in the Sonic onion rings.

To keep crisp and crunch, serve immediately after removing from the fryer. Ensure the cornmeal is coated perfectly before frying.

The secret ingredient for onion rings at Sonic is melted vanilla ice cream, which gives sweet flavors and makes a crispy coating.

No, it is a meal made with the traditional recipe that uses flour, and cornmeal, but this meal can be made in a gluten-free version at home using gluten-free flour.

Sonic onion rings are the most demanding and flavorful Sonic side meal. It is full of sweetness and savory flavors. You can get it with a combo deal or alone.  This flavorful Sonic side meal is satisfying enough to fulfill your craving. It comes with a unique combination of crisp and sweetness. You can make these onion rings at home by following the Sonic Onion Rings Recipe described above.

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