Fish Sandwich Recipe

Sonic Fish Sandwich

Do you know Sonic also sells a Fish Sandwich? You will be surprised to know that there is a seasonal item on the Sonic Menu named Sonic Fish Sandwich. Sonic sells delicious, premium fish sandwiches made with Alaskan Pollock Fillet, Pickles, Lettuce leaves, and other toppings like diced onions and sausages. 

It’s a well-flavored, satisfying choice for fish sandwich lovers to remove their hunger. The disappointing thing is that it’s not always available at all the Sonic Locations, but you must taste it whenever you get a chance to buy. Many Sonic lovers wait with excitement for the relaunch of Sonic Fish Sandwich. They consider it better than the fish sandwich Arby’s and many other fast food chains offer.

Sonic Fish Sandwich

The special thing about this sandwich is the Alaskan Pollock Fillet breaded with panko breadcrumbs. Sonic serves this sandwich for a limited time which makes it more special for some people. The tartar sauce creates a unique flavor that perfectly suits a fish sandwich. Every individual defines a different specialty of this sandwich, but you can decide its specialty on your own after trying it. 

Essential Ingredients

Alaskan Pollock Fillet

Alaskan Pollock Fillet

Brioche Bun

Brioche Bun

Tartar Sauce




None, Regular, Extra

Chopped Lettuce

Lettuce Leaves

None, Regular, Extra

Diced Onion

None, Easy, Regular, Extra


None, Easy, Regular, Extra

Charges: $0.70


Soni provides its customers with an opportunity to customize their meals according to their tastes. Sonic Fish Sandwich can also be customized by adding or removing something in your sandwich. You only have to inform the Sonic staff about your requirements when ordering a fish sandwich.


The Sonic Fish Sandwich is a delicious meal, especially for those who love mild-flavored Alaskan Pollock Fillet. It looks similar to Sonic Chicken Sandwich but different in taste. The crispy fillet is well-breaded with panko and fried to light brown. It comes with tartar sauce, enhancing its mild and yummy flavor. The fillet is topped with crinkle-cut pickles and chopped lettuce leaves to add a tangy flavor to it. Eat your fish sandwich with groovy fries or any other sides or snacks and drinks at Sonic.

Carbohydrates (g)57
Sodium (mg)1240
Cholesterol (mg)35
Protein (g)18
Saturated Fat (g)5
Fat (g)27
Total Sugar (g)10
Total Dietary Fiber (g)4
  • Price – Sonic charges $4.79 to its customers for a fish sandwich. The price may vary on location. It’s a seasonal sandwich and Sonic may introduce a new price at each relaunch. Normally, seasonal or limited-time offerings aren’t included in the Sonic Happy Hour Menu, which means there is no way to get a discount on it. So, you must confirm the price at your nearest Sonic location before ordering.
  • Availability – As discussed earlier, it’s a seasonal sandwich and not available all the time. Consider yourself lucky enough if you find a Sonic Fish Sandwich near you. Sonic always announces the relaunch of fish sandwiches on its social media pages and advertising on media. You can also confirm whether the fish sandwiches are available or not from your nearest Sonic branch.
  • Visit your nearest Sonic Drive-In Franchise.
  • Confirm the availability and order the Sonic staff your Fish Sandwich.
  • Inform the staff about your customization requirements.
  • Pay for your fish sandwich through any payment option at Sonic and get a receipt.
  • Take your sandwich and enjoy. 
  • For online ordering, Visit Sonic’s Official Website or Mobile App.
  • Log in or create your account.
  • Search for a fish sandwich on the Sonic Menu and order.

Yes, why not, we can easily make a fish sandwich at home by following the below-described fish sandwich recipe. Sonic offers its fish sandwich for a limited time, but you can create fish sandwiches at home just like Sonic.

Homemade Fish Sandwich

Making fish sandwiches at home isn’t a difficult job, and you may enjoy following the fish sandwich recipe. Only you have to gather all the ingredients and start making delicious sandwiches at home. You’ll enjoy your homemade sandwiches more than the sandwiches purchased from outside. Arrange the below-mentioned ingredients and follow the fish sandwich recipe.



Cooking Time

15 Minutes

Preparing Time

20 Minutes

Total Time

35 Minutes

Enough For

4 Servings

Review Count: 17


Alaskan Pollock Fillets4
Brioche Bun4
Panko Breadcrumbs2 Cups
Tartar Sauce8 Tablespoons
Vegetable OilEnough for Frying
All-purpose Flour1 cup
Onion Powder1 Tablespoon
Milk¼ Cup
Black Pepper1 Tablespoon
Salt2 Tablespoons
Garlic Powder1 Tablespoon
Pickle (Crinkle Cut)8 Slices
Lettuce Leaves6-8 (Chopped)

Cooking Process:

The fish sandwich recipe starts with preparing Alaskan Pollock Fillets. The cooking process can be described in two steps, preparing fish fillets and assembling ingredients into a sandwich. These steps are explained in detail below:

Preparing Alaskan Pollock Fillets:

Making Alaskan Pollock Fillet

Wash the fish fillets and dry them well with a paper towel. Combine all-purpose flour, black pepper, salt, garlic powder, and onion powder in a bowl and mix them well. In a separate bowl, mix eggs and milk and shake it well to make an egg wash. Place the panko breadcrumbs in another separate bowl.

Now pick a fish fillet in your hand and coat it with the seasoned flour, egg mixture, and panko breadcrumbs. Remove any excess material and do the same with all other fish fillets.

Heat the vegetable oil in a large skillet on a medium flame. Put the breaded fillets in the oil and fry each side until it turns golden brown. Pull the fish fillets out from the oil and remove excessive oil by placing them on a paper towel.

Assembling Fish Sandwich:

Assembling Fish Sandwich

Now come to the second step, which is assembling all ingredients into a sandwich. Place the brioche buns on a plain surface. Put the Alaskan Pollock Fillet on each bun and top it with 2-3 pickle slices and chopped lettuce. Spread two tablespoons of tartar sauce on the second halves of buns and close the sandwich. You may add tomato or jalapeno to your sandwich according to your taste and like. 

Your homemade fish sandwiches are ready to serve. You can serve these sandwiches with fries or coleslaw.

Sonic has a seasonal fish sandwich for its customers. It’s a delicious sandwich made with Alaskan Pollock Fillet breaded with panko breadcrumbs.

One Sonic Fish Sandwich contains 540 calories, which is a good amount of calories and very helpful to keep humans healthy.

The special thing about the Fish Sandwich at Sonic is the premium Alaskan Pollock Fillet packed with delicious toppings and tartar sauce in a cozy brioche bun.

The Sonic Fish Sandwich is good in taste, but if you are a diet-conscious person, it’s not for you. It is considered as high in calories, sodium, and fats.

The fish sandwich at Sonic is a seasonal treat and is offered for a limited time at some Sonic locations. You need a lot of effort or wait for a long to taste this sandwich.

The Sonic Fish Sandwich is an ideal treat for sandwich lovers, created with Alaskan Pollock Fillet, Pickles, and Lettuce Leaves. It’s a seasonal meal and is offered for a limited time which creates excitement in the people. The fish sandwich lovers wait for a long for the relaunching of this sandwich. This sandwich can also be made at home easily by following the Fish Sandwich Recipe explained above.

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